Weekend Tickets

  • Ticket Good for Any Weekend
  • Saturday 9am - 9pm - Sunday 9am - 7pm
  • Admission price includes sales tax.

Payment of admission fee is required to enter The Berry Farm. Admission fee does not include dining and/or shopping. Additional purchase charges made inside are separate from any admission fee.

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frequently asked

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    Do I need a reservation to visit The Berry Farm?

    All tickets are purchased online in our ticket system.

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    Seniors Weekends $13 / Weekdays $9 - Military & Law Enforcement $8 -ID will be required.

    Only available for purchase at the admission window. Discount applicable to individuals only. Military personnel and law enforcement will be granted $2 off the ticket price for up to four members of their party.

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    Are dogs allowed everyday?

    Yes, we are a pet-friendly destination.

  • 03

    How much is it for the strawberry-picking?

    $3.50 lbs.

  • 04

    What forms of payment are accepted at The Berry Farm?

    We accept cash and credit cards.

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    Trouble with online tickets?

    Send email to [email protected] or call 786-977-3972

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    Please send all refund requests to [email protected]
    Include email used, order id, last 4 of credit card used.